Heavy Duty Precision Chillers - GKL Series

Air cooled chillers with built in water tank. The performance of chillers depends on effective cooling. GKL series air chillers effectively utilise Japanese technology to deliver the desired results. These high-powered chillers come up with in-built water tank, which saves space and energy.

The GKL series chillers with built-in water tanks have the necessary tank as well as   pump already built into the unit, getting rid of cumbersome on-site piping installation usually required for closed loop systems. The unique features of GKL series have earned an unassailable lead for Gem ORION as an innovative air chiller manufacturer in India. This GKL series industrial air cooled chillers come up with multitude of benefits including high energy savings, efficient temperature control and so on.

Heavy Duty Precision Chillers

Salient Features

  • Features IconPrecise control of temperature (within ±1oC from set point).
  • Features IconEnvironment friendly, energy efficient refrigerant - r410a (Used in developed countries & no phase out as per Montreal Protocol).
  • Features IconLarger Operating range (from 10 to 30oC).
  • Features IconWider ambient temperature (from 10 to 45oC).
  • Features IconIn-built water tank made of SS304 material.
  • Features IconIn-built high pressure pumps made of SS304 Impeller & SS body. Pumps can operate at as high as 6 bar / 60 m head.
  • Features IconBrazed plate heat exchangers with SS316 plates (higher thickness for longer durability).
  • Features IconInverter Driven Fan motors to ensure uniform performance across seasons.
  • Features IconChillers built on Casters for ease of mobility.
  • Features IconVisible water level from front.
  • Features IconPressure gauges to indicate refrigerant pressure & water pressure.
  • Features IconHermetically Sealed Scroll compressors.
  • Features IconCondensers to withstand very high operating pressures.
  • Features IconIP rated fan motors.
  • Features IconDust filter mesh to ensure less interruption to operation & ease of maintenance.
  • Features IconRemote On-off as a standard feature.
  • Features IconPotential free contacts for chiller status as standard feature.
  • Features IconOptional RS485 connectivity.
  • Features IconOptional Cyclic control for Energy saving mode operation.

High Reliability

Our chillers are designed with a large water tank for convenient operation. We have adopted an immersion pump design, which goes a long way to alleviate bigger troubles such as water leaks, water dripping and so on. As a quality-conscious air cooled water chiller suppliers, we have ensured that the primary components are identical to those used in our Japanese-manufactured chillers.

Units Shipped

ORION has shipped over 200,000 chillers to satisfied customers not only in Japan, but throughout the world. As a quality-conscious air cooled chiller suppliers, Gem ORION follows the footsteps of ORION in delivering chillers to our discerned customers on time – every time.

Built-in Water Tank

Our chillers are renowned as complete and heavy duty industrial chillers. Hence, we have ensured that GKL Series Chillers come up with built-in water tank as well as pump, so that you do not have to deal with troublesome wiring or piping. This, in turn, ensures better production capabilities for you.

Temperature Control

HB (Hot Gas Bypass) control gives control precision to ± 1.0o c.

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