Cyclic Industrial Chiller

The CHT Series Chillers are of compact size and occupies minimum space comparing to other industrial water cooled chillers. They feature high pressure pump for reliable operation. They are also environment friendly as R407C refrigerant is being used. They come with an optional water cooled condenser.

The industrial water chiller price is usually exorbitant in the industry, but we have reasonably priced to serve our customers better. That’s why CHT Series industrial water cooled chillers are the best in the industry.

This series of chillers have built-in closed tank for thermal mass operation. Equipped with microprocessor control and energy efficient fans, these are the high quality, efficiently designed chillers available in the market.

Cyclic Industrial Chiller

Salient Features

  • Cyclic design with optimum control of temperature (within ±3oC from set point).
  • Environment Friendly - R407C.
  • Suitable for operations between 5oC to 22oC).
  • Wider ambient temperature (from 10oC to 45oC). Can be used as high as at 50oC ambient temperature.
  • In-built water tank made of SS304 material / Long durable FRP.
  • In-built high pressure pumps made of SS304 Impeller & SS body.
  • Brazed plate heat exchangers with SS316 plates / Full Copper unique Co-axial heat exchanger.
  • Pressure gauges to indicate refrigerant pressure & water pressure.
  • Hermetically Sealed Scroll compressors / Reciprocating compressors.
  • Well-sized condensers for high ambient operation.
  • IP rated fan motors.
  • Optional RS485 connectivity.
  • Powder coated frame with Texture finish.

Refrigeration Industrial Chillers

Wide Operating Range

Wide Operating Range outlet temperature between 10oC to 20oC

Built in Water Tank

Built in Water Tank stainless steel tank for max series & FRP tank for mini series.

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