Dual chiller for laser cutting machines

Independent water circuits in a single chiller package provide different temperature settings for the oscillator and optical systems. ORION chillers have a solid reputation and superior reliability among industrial chillers. Production has started in India that inherits quality Japanese manufacturing. Our expertise in delivering quality laser machine chillers has earned us many loyal customers.

Dual channel Chiller for Fiber Laser is a unique chiller offering varying temperature setting. We ensure supreme quality dual channel chillers, along with improved affordability as well as swift delivery timeline assurance.

As one of the customer-focused laser chiller manufacturers, our laser machine chiller prices are competitive in the market. This is also one of the key reasons that many customers prefer us for reliable and cost-effective laser machine chillers.


Space Saving

  • Avoids the trouble of setting Up 2 Chillers
  • Oscillator AND Optical System Cooling in one package(Individual control from dual tanks and dual pumps.)
  • Only Requires the Maintenance Space of a Single Unit.


  • Easy and Reliable Water Management
  • Copper less Optical System Circuit (Deionized Water Spec.) Standard
  • (SUS Circuit, Lon Exchange Resin, Electrical Conductivity Meter)
Laser Chiller/ Dual Chiller

Salient Features

These unique features are not available in any of the imported chillers (or) Indian Chillers. First time in India, Gem ORION is bringing these unique and advanced chillers to the industry.

  • Completely isolated water circuits for Oscillator & Mirror circuit.
  • Precise control of temperature (within ±1oC from set point) in both Oscillator & Mirror circuits.
  • Environment Friendly, Energy Efficient Refrigerant - R410A (used in Developed countries & no phase out as per Montreal Protocol).
  • Larger Operating range (from 10 to 30oC) for Oscillator circuit & Mirror circuit to have 5 to 10oC higher temperature.
  • Wider ambient temperature (from 10 to 45oC).
  • In-built water tank made of SS304 material - 2 tanks for 2 circuits.
  • In-built high pressure pumps made of SS304 Impeller & SS body. Pumps can operate at as high as 6 bar / 60 m head - 2 pumps for 2 circuits.
  • Brazed plate heat exchangers with SS316 plates (higher thickness for longer durability).
  • Secondary circuit (Mirror circuit) not having any contact with Copper / brass parts anywhere in circuit.
  • In-built heaters to operate at low / extreme weather conditions.
  • Inverter Driven Fan motors to ensure uniform performance across seasons.
  • Chillers built on Casters for ease of mobility.
  • Water level gauges for both tanks.
  • Pressure gauges to indicate refrigerant pressure & water pressure indication of both circuits.
  • Hermetically Sealed Scroll compressors / Rotary compressor.
  • Condensers to withstand very high operating pressures.
  • Dust filter mesh to ensure less interruption to operation & ease of maintenance.
  • Remote On-off as a standard feature.
  • Potential free contacts for chiller status to couple with the mother machine & easy to operate from Mother machine (Laser cutting machine).
  • Optional RS485 connectivity.
  • Powder coated frame with Glossy finish.

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